FAQs (Students)

Why is my school participating in the PSO Super Power Saver Kit Program?

Your teacher has elected to participate in the PSO Super Power Saver Kit Program. The program will help you learn to be energy wise! This can help you and your family to know how and when to use energy so you can begin to save.

What is the PSO Super Power Saver Kit Program?

The PSO Super Power Saver Kit Program was developed to teach students easy ways to use energy more efficiently in their homes. Program content supports Oklahoma Academic State Standards so it is easily integrated into existing curriculum.

Who is PSO?

The Public Service Company of Oklahoma (PSO) has served Oklahoma’s electric energy needs since incorporation in 1913. Today, PSO powers approximately 540,000 customers in 232 cities and towns, covering 30,000 square miles of service territory in eastern and southwestern Oklahoma. Learn more about PSO.

Why should my family participate in the PSO Super Power Saver Kit Program?

When your family uses energy wisely at home, you save energy and lessen your impact on the environment. Also, your family can save money on their utility bill by installing the items from the Energy Savings Kit.

What does my family need to do?

Your family should help you install the items in your PSO Super Power Saver Kit and complete the homework you receive. They can also remind you to return your completed Student Workbook.

Can I get another PSO Super Power Saver Kit?

We apologize, only one kit is available to each student.

What do I do if an LED Light Bulb breaks?

LED Light Bulbs do not contain hazardous materials, and therefore can safely be disposed of the same way you would dispose a broken glass. However, 95% of an LED Light Bulb is recyclable, so recycling your LED Light Bulbs is the best way to dispose of them. Simply call your local Waste Management Company to learn the recycling policy in your area.